Success Stories

“I have never experienced anything like this. I’ve never moved at this pace in my love life and so many new things are happening so quickly. My dating life was basically non-existent. I’m only halfway through the program and I’ve already started to make a dramatic shift in my love life.  Men are now asking me out and I’ve just met someone with some real potential. I can’t believe it can really be like this!”  – Jess

“Okay. So, I used to go on online dates all the time and never met anyone I was interested in. By week 3 in Power Love Project, I already met this amazing guy (online, I couldn’t believe it) and we stayed up until 4 am talking on our first date!  We are building something special and I’m learning to keep building my relationship with myself at the same time. This is the first time I’m not going all nuts just because I really like a guy.” – Linda

“Honestly, I just didn’t think that I could meet anyone that I would like in my city. I thought I was going to have to move or settle for some boring guy. Turns out it’s not true (thank goodness). I’ve met a great guy and I’m reclaiming my life!” – Krista

“All my ladies out there looking for a romantic partnership that will knock your socks off, this woman knows what she is talking about. Michelle is the real deal. If having the relationship you always dreamed about matters to you, don’t miss out on this opportunity.” – Amber

“What would it be like for you to always know you had someone in your corner who does not allow you to sell yourself short of your life intentions, especially the ones that are so dear to your heart!”

“Michelle, you truly are an incredible woman, friend, leader, mentor and coach. I am so grateful for your commitment that I live an extraordinary life. Today you coached me through something I have been putting on the back burner and had me discover that I really do get to create anything and everything I want even when I have convinced myself I cannot. I love you!!! Keep doing what you do and thank you with all my heart!” – Audrey

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