Power Love Project

Listen— I’ve been there.

You feel like you’ve tried everything. You are ready for love, but so far it just isn’t working out for you. Either you are not attracting the right men, or you are just not attracted to the right men. Or maybe, it feels like there are no good men left! The thought of being single forever has crossed your mind, but being single still feels like settling.

Trust me— there is nothing wrong with you, and you do not need to settle.



Introducing… Power Love Project

Power Love Project is designed for high-achieving women who are ready to create the relationship they want with the right person— without compromising themselves. During this 16-week program, members learn how to develop a whole new relationship with themselves, their life, and their men. Power Love Project teaches you how to reclaim your life!


“Michelle, you truly are an incredible woman, friend, leader, mentor and coach. I am so grateful for your commitment that I live an extraordinary life. Keep doing what you do and thank you with all my heart!”

– Audrey


Areas of Focus

This is how Power Love Project will teach you to love yourself, love your life, and find true love.

Strip Away The Armour

Let’s hash it out and heal all those parts of you that still hurt or that you’ve been protecting. You’ll begin to attract/be attracted to the ones who are well suited to you.

Start As A Blank Canvas

We spend too much time worrying about what people think about us. You’re going to face the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll be amazed by the freedom this module provides.

Play The Dating Game

This is the best part. Together we will design a dating game. I’ll have some rules and incentives and so will you. This is your chance to make dating fun and playful.

Feel Refreshed and Reborn

This could be subtle or bold. It’s your choice. Either way, you’ll feel sexy as hell after you refresh your look and start daring to want what YOU REALLY WANT.

Visualize Your Whole Life

We will take inventory of your life to ensure you’re living in alignment with yourself. This will be your bedrock for maintaining your authentic self in your next relationship.

Get Deeply Intimate

We will use communication and listening skills, intuition, trust and other actions to allow deep intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

Are You Ready for Love?

Power Love Project is for women who are 100% committed to creating the love life of their dreams That’s why admission is by application only, and spaces are limited.

Simply tell us your name and email to get started.

“All my ladies out there looking for a romantic partnership that will knock your socks off, this woman knows what she is talking about. Michelle is the real deal. If having the relationship you always dreamed about matters to you, don’t miss out on this opportunity.”

– Amber